The conference includes three poster sections:

  • Poster Session I on Tuesday, 6th July 17:00 – 19:30

  • Poster Session II on Wednesday, 7th July 17:00 – 19:30

  • Poster Session III on Thuersday, 8th July 10:45 – 12:45


*if you don't receive the link for the conference platform by Monday, July 7th 12:00 (UTC+1, Zagreb time zone), please contact

Poster session will take place in break out rooms, arranged by topics. 

Guidlines for poster presenters:

  • You are allowed to choose the mode of your presentation (1-3 slides in .ppt format or video).

  • Please make sure you have consulted the programme and are aware of the date, time and session of your talk. You can access the schedule of your poster talk through the on-line VI-EGAS52 Detailed Programme

  • Your talk will continue as scheduled. As with a physical meeting, each session will proceed in the order identified and maintain the schedule.

  • Each talk will be comprised of a presentation (8 min) and subsequent, dedicated Q&A (2 min).

  • In each break out room there will be a Chair Person who will manage the order of the presentations. The chair of your session will introduce you before your talk and then moderate the questions from the audience on the chat box or raised virtual hands. If the chair doesn't have the time to read out all the questions, you are encouraged to answer them on the chat box after the talk.

  • You are expected to have your presentation open on your desktop and ready to share 5 minutes before the start of your talk.

  • The conferences team will be running software practice the day before the event. Please attend if you want to make sure your connection is reliable, your camera and microphone work and also to optimize the sharing of your screen.You can access the test session by clicking this link on Monday July 05 at any time between 10:00 and 16:00h (UTC+1, Zagreb time zone). Make sure you have a reliable internet connection, working headset connected to your computer and your presentation open.

  • Your session chair will play an audible warning 2 minutes before the talk is due to end. Please keep your presentation within the allocated time in the programme. If you go above the time limit, the chair will have the capacity to intervene and move on to the next author on the agenda.

  • One day prior to the conference, an invitation to all participants will be sent via e-mail, containing:
    a)Link to the meeting
    b)Meeting code

    Please plan to join your session 15 minutes early to arrange the details of the session with your chair and in case there are any issues that need to be worked out.

  • During your poster presentation, you will “Share” your screen or document. Please ensure that your webcam is on so that attendees can view you during your presentation.

  • Question and Answer session will follow your presentation. The room Chair Person will read questions submitted by participants.