Abstract guidelines:

Abstracts for EGAS 52 are meant to be provide a concise description of the work and results presented at the conference, accessible to a general audience of scientists working in Atomic and Molecular Physics and highlighting what is novel and original. They are strictly limited to one A4 page in length. They may include figures, equations, tables and references as appropriate.

Abstracts should strictly follow the Latex template provided here, in regards to the size of margins, choice of fonts, and other details of presentation. The template makes use of new Latex commands for the correct formatting of the title, of the authorship details, of figure or table captions and of references. Please use these commands, so as to avoid discrepancies with the expected format.

Abstracts will be published as submitted, and it is therefore important that they are prepared with care.

The presenting author(s) must be identified in the authorship details (their name(s) must be underlined, as per the template). A corresponding author and their e-mail address can also be identified in the authorship detail.

Abstracts should be sent to egas52@ifs.hr in the form of a PDF file (not a .tex file). The name of the file should be the last name of the presenting author.


Your assistance in following these instructions is appreciated by the local committee.

How to submit an abstract:

  1.    Click here to download the abstract template.

  2.     Prepare your abstract and rename the PDF file following the guidelines below.

  3.     Email your abstract in the form of a PDF file to egas52@ifs.hr